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Heat Pump Repairs in Charlottetown


We Repair All Heat Pump Models

Having troubles with your heat pump system? Trust J.S. Refrigeration for your next heating repair. Our team of technicians can offer honest feedback on the health of your system, and provide top-rated repairs to get your system running smoothly again.

Check out some of our most popular heat pump repairs:

Professional Heating Repair Services

Having a professional heating repair company to service your home’s heat pump system is extremely important to prevent future breakdowns and repairs. Our experienced team can offer honest advice and affordable services to keep your heating system running smoothly.

Not sure if your system needs a repair?

No problem. Our team can offer helpful advice on the best approach to getting your system running again. With years serving PEI, islanders trust J.S. Refrigeration for their heating repair needs.

Need Emergency Heating Repair Services?

Having issues with your heating system? Contact us today.

What is your service area?

J.S. Refrigeration is an island owned and operated company. Based in Charlottetown, we service surrounding areas from Souris to Summerside.

Why is my heat pump not turning on?

A heat pump not heating or simply not turning on could be due to a number of reasons. From low refrigerant to electricity supply issues, it’s best to have one of our trained technicians help diagnose your system. 

Should I fix or upgrade my old heat pump system?

Depending on the age of your system or the nature. of the repair it may be a better investment to upgrade to a new heat pump. system. We can offer honest advice for your homes heating and cooling. system providing free quotes on industry leading. systems. 

Do you repair other heating systems?

At J.S Refrigeration we can service or repair all your homes heating needs. Please contact us to see how we can help.

What is your repair warranty?

Coming soon.

Locations We Serve

J.S Refrigeration proudly offers heating and cooling services to Charlottetown
and surrounding areas from Souris to Summerside.

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