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New Heat Pumps in Charlottetown

Are you in the market for a new heat pump? Are you looking for a local, island-owned and operated company, you can trust?

At J.S Refrigeration we take great pride in our 5-star reputation backed by the industry-leading heat pumps we offer. Learn more about our Daikin heat pumps here.


How does a heat pump work?

Unknown to many, heat pumps offer both heating and cooling options. This means you have one system that can offer year-round comfort for your home. A heat pump can be used as a stand-alone heating or cooling source or as a secondary heating system.

A heat pump is ultra efficient, and can handle PEI’s cold winters, and hot, humid summers.

Heat Pump Installations Reduce Heating Bills By Up To 60%

Not only do heat pumps offer both heating and cooling they are also incredibly efficient, replacing old oil tank heating systems and saving you big on your monthly heating bills up to as much as 60%.

In the summer these modern-day systems can dehumidify your home’s air, providing cool comfort year-round while being up to 2x as efficient as standard air conditioning units.

Are there any Efficiency PEI Rebates on Heat Pumps?

Right now EfficiencyPEI is offering rebates on select heat pump installations. Learn more here how you can save more.

Can a heat pump operate handle PEI's cold winters?

Heat pump technology has evolved quickly over the past few decades. Modern-day heat pumps from Daikin are miles ahead of previous generations being able to handle double-digit negative temperatures while still maintaining efficient heat production. 

How big of a heat pump will I need?

The size of heat pump you will need will depend on a few factors including your homes size, how many heads you need, and a few other factors. For a completely free estimate please contact us here.

Do I need to replace my ductwork?
In some cases, heat pumps can use the same sized ductworks as typical furnace or central air conditioning systems.

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