New Construction

Custom solutions for new builds.

At J.S. Refrigeration, we are happy to provide custom work for upcoming new builds. If you have the plans for your new house and are ready to inquire about installing a heat pump, fill out the following form and attach your plans.

    Central Air Ducted Heat Pump Systems

    A central air ducted heat pump is a modern and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas or electric furnaces, offering high efficiency. The heat pump works by compressing and expanding refrigerant, transferring heat energy from one place to another. During the summer, the heat pump extracts heat from the air inside your home and releases it outside, while in the winter it does the opposite, bringing heat from the outside and releasing it inside. The central heat pump then distributes the hot or cool air through ductwork and vents in every room.

    Switching from Forced Air to a Central Air Ducted Heat Pump System

    Do you currently have a home with an existing forced air system? You may have the existing ductwork to easily switch over to a central air ducted heat pump system! If you have questions about your current system or how we can help – give us a call!


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